Tournament Dates:

Saturday 2/20/16 @ Diamond Billiards
Tables open at noon Tourney starts 1 pm SHARP! 

How Does It Work?


  • Play is the same as regular weekly play, except it is individual competition instead of team. You must have 10 total regular matches played to participate.
  • It costs $25 to play, and $15 to re-enter if you lose. Each pool hall charges $5 greens fees.
  • It's single-elimination (once you lose you’re done) but you can re-enter on another board. If you start on time and move along, the whole thing takes about 3 hours for each winner to play 3 rounds.
  • There is one winner for every group or “board” of 8 people. Each board starts with four 2-person matches; the 4 winners play 2 matches to determine the finalists. The winner of the final match goes to the semi-annual Regional tournament where they will play in the same format for a trip to the National Singles Tournament in Las Vegas.
  • Locally, boards are divided as much as possible by skill level. If we have enough people, 2's play 2's, 6's play 6's etc.
  • At the Regional level and above, there are five tiers that never intersect. The Blue Tier has 2's and 3's only. The Yellow Tier has 4's, The Red Tier has 5's, the Orange Tier has 6's and the Purple Tier has 7's.
  • At Nationals each Tier winner gets $15,000 in cash and prizes. Statistically, this tournament is especially lucrative for 2's and 3's. Last year there were only twenty-two 2's and 3's competing for $15,000! 22 people competing for $15,000!


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